Better backup from BT Cloud


New version includes Chromecast compatibility among improved features BT has unveiled a new version of BT Cloud, its secure storage, back up, access and sharing service for BT Broadband and Infinity customers.

New version includes Chromecast compatibility among improved features

BT has unveiled a new version of BT Cloud, its secure storage, back up, access and sharing service for BT Broadband and Infinity customers.

The newest edition of BT Cloud, has been developed in response to customer feedback and includes innovative features such as compatibility with Chromecast*, so customers can watch their films, see their photos in supersize and play their music in surround sound. 

With the new app users can watch films, listen to music, or work on documents even when they are out of internet range. They can play songs on the move on their smartphone or tablet, even when the app is closed and can find photographs more quickly with easy-to-organise folders. 

BT Cloud users have their own digital photo album, entertainment hub and document vault online, with personal and private space to store their digital content with a trusted provider. 

One of the best things about BT Cloud is that the data used does not count towards broadband usage, which means users can back up, upload and download as much of their stuff as their BT Cloud storage capacity allows, without going over their broadband usage allowance. And all BT Broadband and Infinity customers have BT Cloud storage inclusive as part of their plan with either 5GB or 50GB free depending on which broadband package they are on. If additional space is needed to ensure everything backed up, an extra 50GB is only £3 and 500GB is £9 a month and when you upgrade the first month is free. 

Andrew Kirkpatrick, BT Consumer general manager for Connected Home, said: "This new version of BT Cloud marks our second anniversary and we've listened to what our customers have been telling us to make BT Cloud even better. Now they can share photos and videos on a big screen thanks to Chromecast compatibility and we've also introduced a collections functionality that lets you organise your content from all your devices in one place more simply." 

BT Cloud Top Ten Tips 

  1. No need to use your external hard drive or USB sticks to transfer photos, documents and music from your phone to your PC or between any of your gadgets. Just save to BT Cloud then download to your device. 
  2. No hassle to send a large file. Simply share a link to a file rather than emailing an attachment. 
  3. No more searching through folders for documents and photos. Can't remember where that photo of your graduation was saved? Keep everything together and organised in your own personal online space. 
  4. Your smartphone memory is full and you want to keep downloading favourite music tracks. Free up space by uploading songs and movies that you can then access in your BT Cloud. 
  5. Travelling? Quickly upload a video to ensure it's safely stored in case you lose your phone and want to share it with your friends on Facebook. 
  6. If you lose or damage your laptop, you could potentially lose thousands of digital photos, important files, or your entire music collection. Save all your important things for peace of mind.  
  7. Prone to dropping your phone? Switch on auto back up -meaning that when you take new photos or videos they are automatically saved to your BT Cloud when you open the app just in case your devices fail on you. 
  8. Long train journey? Stream your music and movies on the go -save your favourite film then select "available offline" and you'll be able to watch without the buffering. 
  9. Want to make your family jealous with your holiday snaps? Send a link to your BT Cloud and they'll be able to open in their browser and see what you've selected. Keep the folder updated and you won't have to keep sending a link every time. 
  10. Got a big presentation at work and need to quickly run through it on your way? Save it in your BT Cloud and read on the go. 

In today's world, when so much personal content is digital, we all need a place to keep a copy of the things that matter. Mobile phones are replacing cameras and many of our precious memories are recorded and stored on phones, tablets and PCs and backing up is not just for the technically savvy - it is something each and every one of us needs to do every day. BT Cloud gives customers a safe place to keep their important digital content whether it is family photos, that finely crafted CV or the video of baby's first steps. 

BT Cloud is available on a wide range of devices including PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 8. And, as long as users have the internet they can access their files from anywhere in the world and BT Cloud will give them fuss free, automated syncing off all files across all devices. Files in BT Cloud are protected by EU privacy laws. 

Customers can register for BT Cloud and check or upgrade their current storage allowance or upgrade their allowance by logging into "My BT" at www.bt.com/mybt.

For further information visit www.bt.com/help/cloud To download to a device visit www.bt.com/cloud/download. Log into your BT Cloud from the web at www.btcloud.bt.com