BT and InLinkUK celebrate 100 InLinks on the street


BT and InLinkUK are celebrating a significant milestone in the national rollout of their “InLinkUK from BT” service with the switching on of the 100th InLink.

  • More than 1 million free ultrafast Wi-Fi sessions and more than 49,000 subscribers
  • *Enough data used to download more than *7 million songs or listen to *39 years of music
  • Enough space returned to the community for 149 cycle stands or 72 trees

BT and InLinkUK are celebrating a significant milestone in the national rollout of their “InLinkUK from BT” service with the switching on of the 100th InLink.

The 100th InLink is in Wandsworth, London and they have so far been installed across seven London boroughs, as well as Leeds.

The smart city technology has so far attracted more than 49,000 subscribers to its Wi-Fi service using enough data to download more than seven million songs, or the equivalent of listening to 39 years of music.

Free Wi-Fi is not the only popular InLink service, users have made more than 305,000 calls and there have been more than 239,000 sessions on the tablet, underlining the demand from visitors and residents.

Neil Scoresby, BT’s general manager for Payphones and InLink, said: “We’re really excited by InLinkUK from BT and the popularity of its services, such as free ultrafast Wi-Fi and free calls, show that it’s proving a hit with customers as well. We’re in discussion with many local councils about installing more InLinks and we’re looking forward to rolling out InLinks to more London boroughs and major cities across the UK.”

Connecting Communities

As well as providing the fastest free public Wi-Fi on the streets, InLinks have two digital displays which offer real-time information, such as tube service updates and weather forecasts, whilst also giving local councils a unique way to communicate with their community.

Each InLink provides more than 1,000 hours of local messaging a year, acting as community notice boards for the local area. Each InLink touchscreen has a dedicated tile for the local council’s services and InLinkUK from BT is working with local organisations, including community groups and organisations, and the police, to provide local content.

Matt Bird, general manager at InLinkUK, said: “This is a significant milestone in the InLink roll out. We have been working on bringing hundreds of hours of engaging community content to the screens, including Black History Month, reminders for people to call their Mum’s on Mother’s Day, as well as working with the Police highlighting community safety messages and events.The InLinks are having a real impact bringing information to communities in a new way. ”

Improving the streetscape

The roll out of InLinks also means that valuable space on the pavement is returned to the community, as on average, two ordinary phone boxes are removed for the installation of every InLink installed. This means that since its launch in June 2017, the space freed up is 104.5m2, enough for council’s to install 149 cycle stands or plant 72 trees.



Notes to editors

*Notes on data

Quoted data collated between 26 June 2017 and 19 February 2018.

Source: Confused.com:

7 million songs based on calculation - 1GB streams 256 tracks

39 years of music based on calculation - 7 million songs averaging 3 mins per song. (525,600 minutes in one year)

InLinks are currently available in Camden, Southwark, Islington, Hackney, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Tower Hamlets in London and Leeds city centre.