BT and Traceall to improve global traceability

New level of traceability addresses ethical sourcing and consumer safety 
BT and Traceall Global announced today that the companies will work together to provide better traceability, helping customers maintain good sustainability practices while increasing control of assets in the supply chain. 

The potential impact of food safety outbreaks on a global brand can be devastating. Companies incur incredible economic losses, expensive legal costs, costly and embarrassing product recalls, and a lack of trust and loyalty to the company. Recent quality, authenticity and mis-labelling scares also rocked the global food and beverage industry because of the increase in the globalized food trade and extensive production through multiple sites and complex supply chains. Brands and retailers realize that it is more important than ever to have a robust and transparent traceability solution at the backbone of its operation. 

It’s not just the food industry that is affected by quality and ethical challenges across the supply chain. Mainstream attitudes in the fashion industry towards sustainable sourcing and traceability are quickly changing as it reacts to consumer demands and high profile incidents of slave labour, manufacturing site fatalities, toxic chemical usage, and the devastating environmental impacts of textile production. 

BT has teamed up with leading traceability experts, Traceall Global, to deliver an exciting and innovative new supply chain solution to their customers. Supplier Exchange is a secure, centrally-managed web based system delivering a 360° end-to-end view of the supply chain. It controls and manages the products and processes associated with a brand and business, right down to the smallest detail. By setting stringent standards and ethics on farming, raw materials, chemicals, labour, manufacturing, processing and logistics, a brand can mitigate risk, improve efficiencies, deliver consistent quality, protect its reputation and operate sustainably. 

“Consumers want to know about the products they are buying so companies need to have the data to show that they are keeping their customers safe and sourcing products ethically and sustainably,” said Alan Steele, CEO of Traceall. “BT’s cloud-based capability combined with Traceall’s sophisticated sensor technology can provide the level of detail companies need to answer confidently to consumers.” 

Traceall’s industry leading ‘source-to-end’ traceability solutions underpin global sustainability practices, while delivering improved operational efficiencies, brand protection, risk mitigation and bottom line profitability. 

BT Trace is a portfolio of specific applications that take advantage of BT’s industry leading technologies, global networks, infrastructure and industry standards to provide supply chain solutions for customers. BT Trace has five different variations for industries and needs, including BT Global Trace, BT Asset Trace, BT Inventory Trace, BT Trace for Retail and BT Trace for Health. Each of the solutions is utilized differently, but with the same fundamental goal to create a seamless, visible and cost efficient supply chain. 

“We want to provide our customers with tools they can use to become confident that their products are what they say they are, have been sourced and manufactured ethically, are delivered on time, are safe, and are ready to be put on the shelves,” said Keith Sherry, Director of Business Development, Supply Chain for BT. “Working with Traceall on this new solution gives our customers the data needed to improve operational efficiency, protect their brand, mitigate risk and increase profitability. That is a business outcome that makes everyone happy.”