BT Ireland launches enhanced networking solutions for business

BT Connect portfolio now incorporating ‘Ethernet in the First Mile’ 

BT Ireland today officially unveiled its latest BT Connect portfolio of networking solutions for business with the new addition of Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM), a symmetric and reliable business class access solution that takes advantage of BT’s recent significant investment in extending its network across the Republic of Ireland. 

Via BT’s multi-service access facility, EFM offers customers the ability to combine multiple ethernet-based services with a single access connection at sites that previously could only be reached via legacy access technologies. This offers customers the option to support more business locations with the added back up of BT’s high performing network services. 

With the availability of EFM, BT customers will have better access to cloud and centralised services, in addition to enjoying a more affordable, proven and reliable service solution at more site locations than was previously possible. 

EFM etherways are available across the Republic of Ireland via 85 locations linked to BT’s continued rollout of Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) exchanges nationwide. With traffic prioritisation and business class service level agreements as standard, EFM is a substantial addition to the existing multi-service BT Connect portfolio. 

Commenting on the new BT Connect portfolio Shay Walsh, MD of Business, BT Ireland said, “Since launching our original portfolio in March last year, we have seen customers who updated their network, transform their network performance, making major improvements in efficiency and output through our suite of services. The addition of EFM now offers our customers even more intelligent networking access options, enabling them to avail of the existing service levels and traffic prioritisation features at more of their sites.” 

Ultimately, with the addition of EFM, BT Connect customers will now enjoy multi-service access through one single BT connection, in turn reducing access costs and receiving greater resilience, speed and service availability.” 

BT Connect customers can also avail of the BT Connect IQ evaluator; a bespoke tool that allows Chief Information Officers to assess and improve their network’s intelligence. The tool enables CIOs to conduct a maturity rating of their network and find ways to fine-tune their networking solution to best align it with their business strategy. The output also allows them to benchmark their network against their competitors’ and offers a network IQ roadmap designed to identify between customers “current” and desired “future” state. With the BT Connect IQ Evaluator CIO’s will be able to plan for the unexpected and operate in a more effective way, helping their business compete more effectively in global markets. 

Full details of the BT Connect networking portfolio can be found at www.btconnect.ie