BT launches service to prevent cyber attacks in Brazil

BT Assure Threat Monitoring was used during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to perform continuous network monitoring and identifying cyber security threats in real-time. 
BT Assure Threat Monitoring is now available to Brazilian customers helping to alleviate security concerns that often prevent organizations from benefiting from cloud computing and BYOD (bring your own device) solutions for fear of exposing their network to malicious intrusions. 

Using this service, along with other security solutions, BT was able to avoid at least one hacktivist attack per day during the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympic Games. On a daily basis, 212 million attempted malicious connections were prevented, and more than two billion security events were analysed overall. 

BT’s Assure Threat Monitoring service works like a security camera, continuously watching activities in the defined customer assets (security devices and non-security devices, routers, VPNs, etc.) on a corporate network. If, for example, a hacker tries to break into the network, the service should detect the attempt and allow a response in time for it to be stopped. 

While ensuring detection and response to internal and external attacks, it helps eliminate the expensive and time-consuming clean-up costs required following network attacks. 

With Assure Threat Monitoring, BT is able to monitor all its clients’ network devices, ranging from detection and intrusion prevention systems (IDS/IPS), firewalls and routers to servers, applications, mainframes and PCs. The protection level of the network infrastructure is achieved through the joint operation of a database of already identified threats and the concerted efforts of a global team of cyber security experts. 

The security offered by the service protects organizations in various vertical sectors and is widely used by banks and finance companies because they are often targets of malicious cyber-attacks. The cyber criminals are often after their customers’ data which is then used for fraudulent transactions. 

Javier Semerene, Vice President, BT Global Services Latin America, said: “Effective network security monitoring is all about catching the small problems before they escalate and adversely affect the business. The BT Assure Threat Monitoring service will allow Brazilian businesses to stay in control of their networks while relieving the pressure on IT and security resources. 

“We are confident that Brazilian businesses will welcome this service after recent research from BT revealed that more than half (52 per cent) of Brazilian business leaders see cyber security as a major priority, compared to 19 per cent in Germany, 22 per cent in Hong Kong and 23 per cent in France.” 


Note to editors 
For more information about BT Assure Threat Monitor visit:http://www.globalservices.bt.com/br/pt/products/assure_threat_monitoring