BT offers lowest Infinity prices in January sale

BT has launched its own version of the January sales allowing customers to add superfast broadband to that new sofa or TV.

BT Infinity 1 will allow customers to start the New Year with superfast fibre-based broadband for BT's lowest ever cost of £7.50 a month for six months, followed by £15 a month for the rest of the 18-month contract.

And standard BT Broadband is also available at knockdown prices for all new customers, at a tiny £5 a month for six months, followed by £10 a month for the remainder of the 18-month term.

BT will be marketing the January sales offers from Boxing Day and the seasonal goodwill offer runs until mid-March, so customers have plenty of time to snap up the cut price deals.

Pete Oliver, managing director of BT Consumer, said: "This is the season for that great institution, the traditional January sales. However, our customers will not need to queue on the streets for days or fight fellow shoppers to grab our lowest ever price for BT Infinity, as you just have to call BT or go online at www.bt.com/sale to sign up.

"We know that customers are looking to cut costs and are searching for great bargains to get the New Year off to a flying start. This year, as well as that smart TV or shiny new fridge, customers can grab a top quality BT Infinity deal that will deliver superfast speeds for the kind of price people were paying for dial-up a few years ago."

BT's broadband is the most complete offering on the market, including free wi-fi minutes, the latest Home Hub 5 and BT Sport.