BT volunteers plan greenhouse made of 1,000 plastic bottles for Hammersmith school

BT Volunteers will build eco-friendly structure in just six hours 
Phoenix High School in Shepherd’s Bush is set to benefit from a new eco-friendly greenhouse - made out of 1,000 plastic bottles! Twenty five BT Volunteers are using their spare time for the community challenge, in which they will have only six hours to build the eco-friendly structure. 

The BT Volunteers will start building the plastic bottle greenhouse at 10am on Saturday June 14 and finish at 4pm. A charity called Hammersmith Community Gardens Association will be supplying more than 1,000 plastic bottles. 

Alan Streeter, executive head teacher for Phoenix High School, Shepherds Bush, said: “At Phoenix High School we see ourselves very much as a community hub, the eco-friendly greenhouse challenge that BT are completing for the school will be an exciting teaching aid for our farm, which will be enjoyed by students, community groups and local residents for many years to come.” 

Lisa D’Rozario, one of the BT volunteers, said: “All twenty five of the volunteers are looking forward to the challenge of building the greenhouse within the time allowed. Our team will be made up of company vice-presidents, managers and team members all ready to provide a fully functional greenhouse for the school.” 

Anne Heal, managing director of BT Volunteering, said: “We are thrilled to be able to offer support to Phoenix High School through the help of our BT Volunteer programme. We want to help local communities as much as we can throughout the UK and this particular volunteering task will certainly challenge the creativity of our volunteers. 

“As well as building a greenhouse for the school, we will be creating new compost areas, building plant beds, weeding and other activities that are needed.” 

The Gardens are used by the local schools for providing fresh fruit and veg for school lunches as well as being used for educational resources and as an outdoor space for the local community, which also buys some of the produce.. 

BT offers all employees up to three days a year to volunteer for initiatives as part of the company’s Better Future programme. The BT Community Challenge and BT Troubleshooter programmes develop partnerships with charities and community groups where BT people can share their skills. BT also gives employees the opportunity to volunteer for activities, about which they are personally passionate. During 2013-14 BT people gave over 46,000 days to local communities.