BT’s home hub now available on the high street

For the first time ever BT will sell its iconic Home Hub in retail stores, making it available to non-BT customers, including cable broadband customers. 

BT’s Home Hub 4 wireless router will be sold in Currys and online on the BT Shop, so everybody will be able to enjoy the benefits of its smart dual band technology. 

The Home Hub 4 combines Smart Wireless with dual band wi-fi technology, which helps avoid interference 1 to give a truly dependable connection. Dual band wi-fi provides customers with a second frequency (5Ghz), on top of the standard 2.4Ghz frequency which allows customer to connect multiple devices without slowing down the connection. Smart wireless detects and automatically connects to the best channel within each frequency for a more reliable connection. 

The router’s simple set up makes it easy for customers to get up and running without having to load a separate CD. Devices can be connected to the Hub by simply selecting the Home Hub signal on a compatible device and pushing a button on the Hub to connect, without any need for passwords. 

As well as three standard Ethernet ports, the Home Hub 4 has two Gigabit Ethernet ports (WAN and LAN) that provide wired connections that are ten times faster than standard Ethernet ports. 

Erik Raphael, Devices director for BT’s Consumer division, said: “We’re really pleased to be able to make the Home Hub 4 more widely available. Now everyone can use the cutting edge technology and sleek design that previously was only available to BT broadband customers, to give them a better broadband experience. The Home Hub 4’s innovative smart dual-band technology avoids interference for an ultra-reliable connection.” 

The Hub also includes the latest intelligent power management technology which monitors hub functions and puts them individually into power save mode when not in use. The BT Home Hub 4 is priced at £99.99 including VAT. It is available now in the BT Shop and Currys. It will be available from Argos at the end of January and from other retailers later in 2014. 


1 There are no end of electronic gadgets in the home – like baby-monitors, microwaves, wireless security cameras, TV senders and wireless printers – that can cause interference and disrupt your wireless internet connection. The BT Home Hub 4 uses Dual Band technology which uses both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless bands to help avoid congestion from other wi-fi devices. It also has Smart Wireless technology to help avoid interference from non-wi-fi devices. Your home environment may affect the range of your signal. 

Notes to editors 

The new BT Hub 4 product specification 

Ports and Sockets 
• ADSL network interface for BT Broadband 
• 1x RJ45 Gigabit WAN interface for BT Infinity 
• 4x RJ45 Ethernet LAN ports 
• 1x Gigabit Ethernet 
• 3x 10/100 Base T Ethernet 
• 1x USB 2.0 master socket x1 

• Wireless: WPS 
• Reset (Pinhole) 
• Restart 
• On/Off power button 

• Power 
• Broadband 
• Wireless 

Weight & dimensions 
• 301 (gms) 
• 116 high x 236 wide x 31 deep (mm) 

• Dual band concurrent wireless 
• 2.4GHz: 802.11n dual-stream 2x2 MIMO. Back compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/h 
• 5GHz: 802.11n dual-stream 2x2 MIMO. 
• WPS wireless connection 
• Smart Wireless – automated channel selection in 2.4 & 5GHz 
• Wireless channel operation 
• 2.4GHz: 20MHz (default), 40MHz supported 
• 5GHz: 40MHz (default), 20MHz supported 
• Up to 64 simultaneous wireless users supported 

Wireless encryption 
• 2.4GHz: WPA & WPA2 (default), WPA, WPA2 and WEP 64/40 
• 5GHz: WPA2 

Wireless Transmission speed 
• 2.4GHz wireless: up to 300Mbps 
• 5 GHz wireless: up to 300Mbps 
• Up to 150 Mbps (20MHz) 
• Up to 300 Mbps (40MHz) 

Power consumption 
• Latest intelligent power management; hub functions are monitored and individually put into power save mode when not in use.