BT’s new connectivity products help you make the most of the internet everywhere in your home

New research reveals that close to 500,000 people live in homes with more than 15 devices connected to the internet 

BT has launched a new range of connectivity products that allow users to connect their devices to the internet however, wherever and whenever they like at home. From Broadband Extenders to Wi-Fi Home Hotspot Kits, the new range includes everything needed to connect Smart TVs, Games Consoles, Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets to the internet and enjoy content on demand all around the home. 

This range of products is designed to address the development in internet enabled devices in the home. The new study from BT has revealed the average connected household spends nearly 10 hours per day online , which could equate to each person in the household spending 15 years of their life online . Coupled with this is a rise in connected device ownership, with 500,000 people living in homes that have more than 15 internet enabled devices. This growth is increasing demand for connectivity products that enable customers to make better use of their broadband more widely around their home. 

17% of people now have a smart TV in their household, although 20% of these are not making the most of these products and have not connected them to the internet. Over a fifth (21%) of people who do not connect their smart TV to the internet say this is because their TV is too far away from their router. A BT Broadband Extender would easily solve this problem in a matter of seconds without trailing cables around your home. 

The need to maximise broadband connections in the home is also driven by consumers’ need to get online anywhere and everywhere. Seven in ten (71%) say people in their household connect to the internet from their bedroom with more than one in ten (12%) saying they connect to the internet from the bathroom. 

The trend for connected homes appears to be one that is set to rise as households evolve with younger generations. Nearly a third (30%) of 18-24 year old report their home as having between six and eight connected devices, compared to a national average of just 17%. 

Using the research BT has split the nation’s households into five typologies based on internet consumption. Over a third (33%) of the population falls into the “Passive Diggs” typology, with just one to two connected devices. At the most active end of the spectrum are the “Power Pad”, which account for a fifth (20%) of households – these fully networked households have six or more internet enabled devices and spend more than five hours online a day. 

Erik Raphael, Consumer Devices Director, BT said “The proliferation of connected devices in the home, whether it be for TV, gaming, social media or searching the web means that people want to access their broadband all around the home. To cater for this growth BT is launching a range of connectivity devices to give people wired and wi-fi access wherever they need it most with a series of broadband and wi-fi extenders.” 

BT’s new classification of GB homes splits the nation into the following groups: 
1. Passive Diggs 33% 
a. One to two internet enabled devices in household 
2. Catch Up Crib18% 
a. Three to five internet enabled devices in household 
b. Up to five hours spent online daily 
3. Active Abode 25% 
a. Three to five internet enabled devices in household 
b. Over five hours spent online daily 
4. Hot House 4% 
a. Six or more internet enabled devices in household 
b. Up to five hours spent online daily 
5. Power Pad 20% 
a. Six or more internet enabled devices in household 
b. Over five hours spent online daily 

The new range of BT Connectivity products offer consumers the opportunity to connect more devices than ever before to the internet. The products are available from major electrical high street retailers and online. For further information please visit www.connectedhome.bt.com 


Notes to editors 
*Research carried out across a nationally representative panel of 2,031 adults by ICM, August 2013, 

New products available for review – contact Kazoo for imagery and samples: 

• Broadband Extender 200 Kit 
• Broadband Extender 200 Add-on 
• Broadband Extender 500 Kit 
• Broadband Extender Flex 500 Kit 
• Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Kit 
• Wi-Fi Home Hotspot 500 Add-on 
• Multiport Broadband Extender 500 Add-on 
• Wi-Fi Dongle 300 
• Dual-Band Wi-Fi Dongles 600 
• Dual-Band Wi-Fi Extender 600 
• Dual-Band Wi-Fi Kit 600 
• 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch 
• 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch