BTWi-fi hits more than 331,000 West Midlands hotspots

Nearly 7,000 hotspots in Wolverhampton, 9,600 in Sandwell, 9,200 in Dudley 
and 10,000 in Walsall 

BT Wi-fi has announced that it has reached more than 331,000 hotspots in the West Midlands, of which nearly 7,000 are in Wolverhampton, 9,600 in Sandwell, 9,200 in Dudley and 10,000 in Walsall. 

Across the UK and Ireland the company has added more than 20,000 new hotspots each week over the past year taking the total to five million. 

BT saw more than 400 million connections across its wi-fi network in 2012/13* and latest figures show users’ online wi-fi time is increasing, with minutes more than tripling in the same period. 

Mike Cook, BT’s regional director for the West Midlands, said: “We are seeing growing use of our network as wi-fi users spend more time online and use more data. People are now so confident and comfortable with their gadgets, we’ve had to meet the demand with more hotspots in a wider choice of places – on the high street and in thousands of neighbourhoods across the region.” 

An incredible 13 petabytes of data (13 billion megabytes) were consumed across BT’s Wi-fi network during 2012/13*. The volume is the equivalent of downloading 3.9 billion MP3s (iTunes currently has 26m songs in its library), or non-stop streaming of The Hobbit in HD for 1,042 years 1 . If you were to take smartphone photos placed side by side, this amount of data would be over 624,000 miles long or long enough to wrap around the equator twice.** 

Research conducted by BT and ICM*** has found that usage trends for wi-fi vary according to age. Most 18-24s favour wi-fi for social media, whilst the 35-44 age group chooses to shop online. Most 45-54s use it for GPS and mapping services, whilst the over 65s use wi-fi for finding discount vouchers or codes. 

BT’s own Wi-fi apps are also proving popular with almost two million downloads by BT Broadband customers and are available in the relevant app stores for Windows, iOS, Android and Blackberry users. 

All BT Wi-fi hotspots are free and unlimited for BT Broadband customers – although anyone can logon. It’s available at brands like Starbucks, GAME, John Lewis, Network Rail and Hilton plus millions of homes and thousands of independent businesses. 

For more information visit www.btwifi.com 

Notes to editors: 
1 Based on an average MP3 size of 3.5MB 
Based on an average HD film streaming at 1.5 GB per hour – The Hobbit is 169 minutes long.

* Period between April 2012 and March 2013 
** Average smartphone camera photo is 3MB in size and the average printed photo is 8.5 inches wide. 
*** BT ICM Research March 2013, sample of 2,000 people