Dan Lomansey, 22, follows in the footsteps of his father and grandfather to become a third generation engineer

A Norfolk family is living proof of the benefits of the saying ‘keeping it in the family’.

A Norfolk family is living proof of the benefits of the saying ‘keeping it in the family’.

Dan Lomansey, from Attleborough, Norfolk, is the latest in a long line of relatives to opt for a career in communications having recently completed his engineering training with Openreach, the digital network business responsible for the majority of Britain’s phone and broadband infrastructure.

He followed in the footsteps of his grandad and dad, who both started as engineering apprentices.

The 22-year-old engineer, who is based at the Attleborough telephone exchange, said: “I was attracted by the variety of work and opportunities at Openreach. I’ve been up poles, and now I’m seeing how new technology like fibre broadband is changing the way people communicate for the better.

“I have enjoyed the whole experience so far, but the one part which has stuck out for me was the dropwiring course where I felt challenged with learning new skills, such as clamping the wire onto the pole at the top of the pole. The feeling of achievement after revising the process, completing the assessment and stepping back and thinking 'I've put that up' was great. I have also enjoyed climbing the poles as this is active and the feeling of being at the top of a pole working is obviously very different to my previous job of being in an office!”

Dan’s grandad joined the business more than 50 years ago. Like Dan, his career began as an adult apprentice, before he retired almost 30 years later. Dan’s Grandmother also worked as an operator.

Dan’s father, Mark, who also joined BT as an apprentice more than 30 years ago, spoke of his pride that Daniel had now also become an apprentice. He said: “Daniel became interested in joining our business a few years ago and wanted to become an apprentice going up poles and down holes, working with our customers to solve problems. We he saw an opportunity to work locally in Attleborough, it was the perfect scenario and I’m so proud this means he’s a third-generation engineer.”

Dan is looking forward to soon being out and about in Norfolk, installing broadband and telephone lines as well as fixing problems.

More information about career opportunities in Openreach is available from: http://www.btplc.com/Careercentre/careersatbt/openreach/index.htm