Festive cheer as Wrexham Industrial Estate goes superfast

High-speed fibre broadband now available across the estate 

Businesses based on the Wrexham Industrial Estate received a major boost today with the announcement that BT is rolling out fibre broadband across the estate.

High-speed broadband of up to 80Mbps is available in most of the estate with some businesses soon to have access to even faster ‘fibre to the premises’ speeds of up to 330Mbps*

This is in addition to the 34,000** premises that already have access to fibre broadband across the Wrexham local authority area as a result of BT’s commercial fibre roll-out.

Ann Beynon, BT’s Director of Wales said: “This is a vital step forward for the companies on this estate. BT is committed to making fibre broadband as widely available as possible. The first roadside cabinet on the estate is now ready to provide fibre broadband and ‘fibre to the premises’ broadband will become available in some areas in the New Year.

“Businesses that choose to take advantage of the improved internet speeds will see a real difference – in terms of faster upload and download speeds that could result in productivity gains and operational savings.

“With faster and more reliable internet connectivity businesses can, for example, consider hosting their own websites, as opposed to paying for a data centre, which could save them thousands of pounds in hosting and development costs alone.

“That will leave a few premises outside the Superfast Cymru contract for which solutions will need to be found. “

Covering 550 hectares and home to 400 businesses employing more than 8,500 people, Wrexham Industrial Estate is one of the largest in Europe. Located on the estate are a diverse range of businesses from large manufacturers involved in engineering, pharmaceutical, food and drink, automotive and aerospace.

Mike Learmond, Federation of Small Businesses said: ”This is excellent news and something FSB members on Wrexham Industrial Estate have long been calling for. Access to affordable and reliable high-speed broadband has become a fundamental need of modern businesses.”

“ Technology around areas such as cloud computing and video conferencing is improving all the time and is no longer the domain of just big business. This announcement by BT opens up all sorts of opportunities for small firms based on the Estate.”

Faster internet connectivity can help open up new international markets in addition to new ways of working for local businesses which may help cut costs and create jobs that will support the continued growth of the Welsh economy.

Tom Bunce, Chair of the Wrexham Economic Forum, said: “Almost all of the businesses on Wrexham Industrial Estate rely on good internet access every day, and at present it is slow and flaky, to say the least. Any improvement which will enable faster, and more stable internet access for our businesses is welcomed. BT’s high speed fibre broadband can’t come soon enough”.

Independent research in Cornwall has shown that fibre broadband is providing a boost for the economy, helping local businesses to work more efficiently, find new customers and create new jobs.

The new network being created by BT’s local network business, Openreach, is available on an open, wholesale basis to all broadband service providers, thereby ensuring competitive pricing and products for businesses on the estate.

In addition to its commercial roll-out of fibre broadband, BT is partnering the Welsh Government, UK Government and European Regional Development Fund on Superfast Cymru that will see high-speed fibre broadband being brought to areas of Wales which would otherwise not receive it.

The Welsh Government aim to make fibre available to 96 per cent of premises in Wales by Spring 2016 when combined with the commercial rollout of the private sector.

Notes to editors

  • *These are the top wholesale speeds available from by BT’s local network business, Openreach, to all service providers; speeds offered by service providers may vary.
    • **When BT’s commercial roll-out is combined with Superfast Cymru programme, 54,000 premises across the Wrexham local authority area have access to fibre broadband.
    • Independent research carried out by Plymouth University and Buckman Associates that looked into the economic impact of Superfast Cornwall revealed that 83 per cent of businesses in the area were reporting that they were saving money and time as a result of faster broadband speeds.

About the Welsh Government and Superfast Cymru The Welsh Government is the devolved Government for Wales. We are working to help improve the lives of people in Wales and make our nation a better place in which to live and work.
The Welsh Government and BT are working in partnership on the 'Superfast Cymru' programme to develop a nationwide superfast broadband infrastructure.

Superfast Cymru will boost commercial roll-out and help the Welsh Government achieve its target to deliver high speed fibre broadband to 96% of homes and businesses in Wales by 2016.

Superfast Cymru is set to transform the broadband landscape in Wales and to promote economic growth and sustainable jobs in Wales. We have estimated that up to 2,500 further full times jobs could be created throughout the Welsh economy over time. It will ensure we are at the forefront of the global digital economy and help to champion Wales as a great place to live, work, invest and visit

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