Hotels to get BT Sport from just £77 a month plus two months free

Hotels can now get all three BT Sport TV channels for their bar from just £77 a month. This means that a 65 bed hotel will be able to save 83 per cent per annum when compared to Sky Sports. If they sign up before Monday 24th November, they can get two months viewing for free. For those hotels wishing to add the service to their rooms, all three BT Sport channels can be added for an incremental £3 per room per month.

In a typical week on BT Sport, hotels can offer customers live domestic football action from the Barclays Premier League, Scottish Premiership and Championship. Plus European football from the Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and the UEFA Europa League, whilst for those interested in Rugby, BT Sport will bring you exclusive Aviva Premiership Rugby together with the top pick matches from the new European Rugby Champions Cup. And if it isn’t football or rugby, BT Sport offers MotoGPTM, NBA, Major League Soccer in the US, UFC and WTA tennis.

Bruce Cuthbert, director of Commercial Customers, BT Sport, said: “Hoteliers tell us that they are keen to offer live sport to guests and visitors but are often put off by the sky high costs associated with other suppliers. We are delighted to be giving hotels the chance to show the widest range of top-flight football on TV, plus first class Rugby, Motorsport and American Sport - all at a price that’s affordable. We will even supply a second viewing card free of charge if they want to show sport in a secondary bar, in-house gym or conferencing facility.”

BT Sport offers a flexible viewing model, allowing hotel operators the choice of only paying for the service where they want to show it. If hotels just want to show BT Sport in their bar areas they can. A 65 room hotel pays just £134 per month for a hotel bar subscription with BT Sport, whereas the price payable for Sky Sports on Sky’s Hotel Bar Only Agreement is £803 per month. That’s an annual saving in the hotel bar with BT Sport of £8,028. Plus sign up to BT Sport before November 24, 2014 and get the first two months free which includes standard installation for a hotel bar at no extra charge.

Sign up to BT Sport before November 24, 2014, and hotels will be able to get the BT Sport Pack which includes, at no extra charge, standard installation for a hotel bar and get it free for the first two months.

BT Sport is available to all commercial premises including offices, golf clubs, sports clubs, bookmakers and Corca registered clubs. BT has a dedicated UK based call centre to help commercial customers with all of their BT Sport queries. Customers can get to find out more about BT Sport’s commercial packages by calling 0800 678 1957 or visiting www.btsportbusiness.com.


Notes to editors
Widest range of top-flight football: BT Sport – matches from these top leagues: England, Scotland, Germany, Italy, France, USA, Brazil, Australia. Sky Sports – matches from these top leagues: England, Scotland, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain.

From £77: Hotel bar prices based on a hotel with 1-10 rooms. Banded pricing applies – for further information visit btsportbusiness.com 83% / £8,000 saving: Sky prices based on a 65-room hotel taking Sky Ultimate on the Hotel Bar Only UK Agreement. Sky Ultimate Hotel Bar Only UK Agreement includes entertainment channels and free Sky WiFi (installation costs apply). BT Sport hotel room service charged at £3 ex VAT per hotel room per month. A minimum charge of £60 ex VAT per month applies to the BT Sport hotel room service. Two Months Free Offer: Available, at BT’s discretion, to new BT Sport Commercial customers (Single and Group Premises) who sign up for a 12 month contract for the Service between 9th and 24th November 2014. Offer ends 24th November 2014. BT will provide the Service at the Premise(s) for no charge for two calendar months from and including the Activation Date (“Offer Period”). Standard monthly subscription charges will apply thereafter. If the Recipient terminates the Service during the minimum term, the Recipient will incur early termination charges. Additional charges like paper billing, will still apply. This Offer is subject to BT’s Agreement for BT Sport – Commercial Premises which can be found at www.btsportbusiness.com/terms.