Jigsaw first retailer to launch website on BT's new e-commerce platform


Jigsaw has become the first retailer to launch a website using the BT Expedite FCP6 e-commerce platform.

Jigsaw has become the first retailer to launch a website using the BT Expedite FCP6 e-commerce platform.

The new website has been designed to ensure that content is as effective as possible for the customer regardless of the device they are shopping on. This is an essential enhancement as consumers switch from desktop to mobile. It also removes the need for Jigsaw to manage its mobile channel as a separate platform, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Using the new platform, Jigsaw will benefit from faster performance, enhanced security and an increased number of features, including fully customisable checkout and “persistent” basket across devices. It will also enable their in-house development teams to carry out front-end changes more quickly and easily.

This move is an integral part of Jigsaw’s strategy for domestic and international growth and the new platform will be extended to cover the separate website for Jigsaw Group’s luxury London boutique, The Shop at Bluebird.

BT’s cloud-based platform and architecture provides Jigsaw Group with the flexibility and scalability to manage two distinctly different brands, customer experiences and websites off one platform.

Kathy Quashie, CEO at BT Expedite, said: “Jigsaw understands the importance of delivering a seamless shopping experience across all channels.”

“Using BT Expedite’s new FCP6 platform, Jigsaw will benefit from better speed, accessibility, scalability, flexibility, agility and security, so they will be able to respond more quickly to their customers’ needs and changes in the marketplace. They will be able to build a distinct and rewarding brand experience, strengthen customer loyalty and achieve their online growth targets in a cost effective way. We look forward to rolling this out globally across Jigsaw’s sites.”

Kate Holt, group director of e-commerce at Jigsaw, said: “This was an ambitious project for both brands within the group - Jigsaw and The Shop at Bluebird. Its success was evident in our post-Christmas 2015 trading statement when we reported mobile sales growth of 115 per cent year on year having been live on the platform since October. Smartphone sales represent an increasing share of the mix with both mobile sales and traffic more than 50 per cent of the total online traffic. Trading on a solid platform optimised for mobile allows us to provide customers with the online shopping experience they’re telling us they need.”

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