Rebel Wilson to star in new BT TV adverts

BT’s latest “Behind the Scenes” advertising campaign will feature Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson

Latest “Behind the Scenes” adverts will highlight BT TV and BT Infinity

BT’s latest “Behind the Scenes” advertising campaign will feature Australian actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. The campaign airs on 9 October and will feature Rebel in a series of adverts that highlight the benefits of BT TV and BT Infinity.

The “Behind the Scenes” campaign is a parody of the advertising process and gives viewers an entertaining insight into the world of advertising.

Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson will star in four new adverts airing from Friday 9 October. One of the adverts will promote BT TV. Titled “Bigger Entertainment”, viewers will see a vast white studio filled with an array of giant props, including an enormous UEFA Champions League football, a huge zombie hand and a giant box of popcorn, all set against a huge screen playing a reel of content from BT TV. Rebel appears amongst the props, to showcase BT Sport, BT Store and AMC all for tiny prices. When asked by the BT Client to do the splits as a big finish to the advert, Rebel can’t manage them but viewers get to see them anyway through the ‘magic’ of post-production.

The other three adverts will promote BT Infinity, BT’s fibre optic broadband and use exaggerated metaphors to demonstrate that with BT you can enjoy a better internet experience. One is titled “Faster Downloads”, in which viewers will see Rebel standing next to an advertising metaphor for speedy downloads, a cheetah. Rebel asks the BT Clients if the cheetah is safe, and they advise her it is. The junior BT Client then throws a big piece of meat to the cheetah but by accident it lands on Rebel’s chest.

The second Infinity advert titled “Smoother Video Calling” sees Rebel standing next to an attractive man with his shirt off.The man looks to camera, oozing cool whilst effortlessly hula hooping. A BT Home Hub then rises heroically from the floor on a plinth with a sign that reads ‘SUPER SMOOTH VIDEO CALLING’. Rebel then compares the attractive man’s smooth performance with that of video calling with BT Infinity.

The third Infinity advert titled “Responsive Gaming” sees Rebel standing next to a Shaolin Kung Fu master who is catching flies between chopsticks. She notes that whilst he’s super responsive, he’s not a patch on BT Infinity. But as she’s talking she accidently swallows one of the flies, and viewers see the BT Clients sweep in with a bucket to help her out.

Rebel Wilson, actress, says: “It was so much fun to fly to London and shoot these commercials last month at Pinewood. I loved improvising with the British cast and collaborating with the BT team. Luckily I didn't almost die after being put in some harrowing situations! You'll see what I mean when you see the commercials and some of the outtakes. My only injury was being run over by a giant soccer ball...but I'm totally good now.”

Dan Ramsay, BT Consumer marketing director, says:We are thrilled to have Rebel Wilson star in the latest “Behind the Scenes” adverts. The campaign brings to life the benefits of BT’s TV and Infinity offerings in a humorous and entertaining way.”

The new television campaign will be supported by a national outdoor advertising & radio campaign. The campaign will also have a strong focus on digital and social media with activity across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

BT’s “Behind the Scenes” campaign launched with Scottish actor Ewan MacGregor. The campaign is a series of adverts that feature a variety of famous actors, celebrities and leading sports personalities appearing in amusing situations that poke fun at the world of advertising. The famous faces star alongside a series of regular characters, including the “BT Clients”, “The Director” and “The Ad Agency Creative”, and provide the voice of reason in comparison to the bizarre and entertaining vision of some of the characters.


Notes to editors

The campaign was created by AMV BBDO and media bought by Maxus.