Superfast broadband checks in at Fishguard Bay Hotel

Guests at the Fishguard Bay Hotel are now enjoying the many benefits of superfast broadband thanks to the Superfast Cymru programme.

Guests at the Fishguard Bay Hotel are now enjoying the many benefits of superfast broadband thanks to the Superfast Cymru programme.

Deputy Minister for Skills and Tourism, Julie James, visited the hotel recently to hear about the boost superfast broadband is providing for both the business and visitors.

Before making the move to superfast broadband, the Fishguard Bay Hotel was restricted in the packages it could offer potential clients. The change to superfast speeds has transformed the business with guests now able to take advantage of a fast and efficient connection to the online world.

Conference and networking events heavily reliant on strong internet access are benefiting, while the hotel has also moved to a completely online booking system which is helping to boost both the business and occupancy.

Prior to the Superfast Cymru rollout, there was no access to superfast broadband in Pembrokeshire.

To date more than 67 per cent of households and businesses in the county are able to access faster internet speeds thanks to Superfast Cymru, which equates to more than 41,300 premises in the local authority.

In the Fishguard exchange area, superfast broadband is available to more than 71 per cent of premises.

Richard Morse, Fishguard Bay Hotel Office Manager, said: “It has become clear that one of the most essential requirements for individual travellers is stable and fast Internet access and the introduction of Superfast Broadband has without doubt had an extremely positive impact.”

“Our hotel caters for a large variety of guest types, of wide age ranges, and the installation of Superfast Broadband has transformed the Hotel’s ability to provide all of these guests with quick and efficient means of getting online.”

Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology, Julie James, said: “I have been very pleased to see how superfast broadband has made a real difference to the Fishguard Bay Hotel. It is a great example of the positive impact faster speeds can have on businesses.

“Being able to access quick and strong internet connections is increasingly important for many guests and visitors in Wales, whether it is for leisure or business, and Superfast Cymru is delivering exactly that.

“Pembrokeshire, like a number of counties in Wales, would have no superfast broadband without the intervention of Superfast Cymru. We have intervened to provide access to superfast services as private sector companies decided it was not commercially viable for them alone to roll-out fibre in these areas. Over 550,000 premises in all parts of Wales are now able to access it thanks to the programme and work is continuing to provide access for more homes and businesses.”

Alwen Williams, director for BT Cymru /Wales, said: “Superfast broadband is havinga huge impact on the way we live our lives in Wales.”

“As proven by the Fishguard Bay Hotel, having access to superfast broadband helps business to move, act and trade more quickly and effectively.

“When combined with BT’s commercial roll-out, we’ve already provided more than 1.24m Welsh homes and businesses with access to high-speed fibre broadband and we look forward to working with our partners to extend this even further across the country.

“As we continue to build the infrastructure we would urge people to take advantage of this technology and sign up with a broadband service provider.”

The regulator Ofcom recognised that Wales has the highest availability of superfast broadband of any of the devolved nations**.

The Superfast Cymru programme is a huge undertaking that will involve laying 17,500kms of optical fibre cable, installing around 3,000 new green roadside cabinets and sees, on average, more than 100 premises getting access to superfast broadband across Wales every hour.

Last year the Welsh Government announced a £12.5m five year programme to ensure businesses across Wales can maximise the benefits of superfast broadband.Further information is available on: www.businesswales.gov.wales/superfastbusinesswales


About the Welsh Government and Superfast Cymru

The Welsh Government is the devolved Government for Wales. We are working to help improve the lives of people in Wales and make our nation a better place in which to live and work.

The Welsh Government and BT are working in partnership on the 'Superfast Cymru' programme to develop a nationwide superfast broadband infrastructure.

Superfast Cymru is set to transform the broadband landscape in Wales and to promote economic growth and sustainable jobs in Wales. We have estimated that up to 2,500 further full times jobs could be created throughout the Welsh economy over time. It will ensure we are at the forefront of the global digital economy and help to champion Wales as a great place to live, work, invest and visit.

About Superfast Britain

Superfast Britain is a UK Government programme of investment in broadband and communication infrastructure across the UK. Run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, this investment helps businesses to grow, creates jobs and will make Britain more competitive in the global race. The portfolio is comprised of three elements

  • £780m to extend superfast broadband to 95% of the UK by 2017
  • £150m to provide high speed broadband to businesses in 22 cities
  • £150m to improve quality and coverage of mobile phone and basic data network services
  • Administered on behalf of Government by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK), Superfast Britain is transforming Britain by promoting growth, enabling skills and learning, and improving quality of life.

    For further information: https://www.gov.uk/broadband-delivery-uk