Superfast speeds check-in at Ceredigion hotel

​Superfast broadband is helping the Conrah Country Hotel in Ffosrhydgaled to attract new guests and boost business.

Superfast broadband is helping the Conrah Country Hotel in Ffosrhydgaled to attract new guests and boost business.

Since the beginning of the year, fast fibre technology thanks to the Superfast Cymru programme is delivering a service boost for visitors and changing the way the hotel carries out its business.

The Conrah was originally the mansion house of the Ffosrhydgaled Estate and is set in extensive grounds in the Ceredigion countryside, some four miles from Aberystwyth.

Hotel owners Geraint and Wendy Hughes decided to upgrade to superfast broadband after realising the demand for it from guests and the impact it could have on the business.

The hotel now benefits from being able to offer fast broadband speeds of 80 Mbps – which can be increased even further if required – as a result of fibre-to-the premises (FTTP) that has been rolled out to the area by Openreach engineers.

Geraint Hughes said: “Superfast broadband has made a massive difference to the hotel. The demand is there from guests for faster internet speeds and we’re now able to provide exactly what the customer wants.

“Although they are away from home, visitors are also keen to stay connected, whether it is for business or personal use, and being able to offer superfast broadband can be the difference between a guest booking to stay or going somewhere else.”

Online advertising is just one of the ways, Geraint and his team have been able to improve the business. They are now able to take bookings on the website better than before and make greater use of social media to promote the hotel. It is also vital in their conference facilities offering.

Guests have also been impressed with the superfast connection. They are able to access work as well as stream videos and upload photos from their stay.

Geraint added: “Superfast broadband has opened a wealth of new opportunities for us.We now employ a member of staff who is solely responsible for our social media, something which we could never have done previously.

“We also sit down with guests, look online and help them plan their stay – where they want to visit, how to get there, which walking routes they’d like to take – it’s a great benefit.”

Minister for Skills and Science, Julie James said: “I’m delighted to hear how superfast broadband is making a real difference at the Conrah Hotel thanks to the Superfast Cymru programme.

“It is a great example of how faster speeds can have a positive impact for the business and visitors. Having access to quick, strong and reliable internet connection is increasingly important for guests and the Superfast Cymru roll-out is helping meet that demand.

“Areas such as Ceredigion would have no superfast broadband without the intervention of Superfast Cymru and it’s great to see how the team at the Conrah are making the most of the technology.”

Alwen Williams, regional director for BT Cymru Wales, said: “The roll-out of superfast broadband across Wales is already having a huge impact on how families and businesses interact online. The Conrah Hotel is another example of how this new high-speed network is making an impact.

“As more and more homes and businesses gain access to superfast broadband speeds every single day I’d urge people to follow in the footsteps of the Conrah Hotel and make the most of this new technology by upgrading their services.

“We appreciate that this isn’t currently possible for small parts of Wales but our engineers will continue to work hard to roll out fibre broadband across the country as quickly and as widely as possible.”