Tikit releases new e-marketing application........ introducing Tikit eMarketing v6


Tikit, a leading provider of technology solutions and services to legal and accountancy firms globally, today announced the launch of Tikit eMarketing version 6 (v6).



Tikit eMarketing v6 cornerstones include; communication agility,

brand customizability and cost predictability.

London and Chicago – April 13, 2015 – Tikit, a leading provider of technology solutions and services to legal and accountancy firms globally, today announced the launch of Tikit eMarketing version 6 (v6).

The newest version of its legal market leading email marketing application is simple to use, functionally rich and intuitive, and features enhanced branding and personalization features as well as unprecedented cost predictability for e-marketing campaigns.

Tikit eMarketing is the number one email marketing application used by leading law firms worldwide. Over the last 15 years, hundreds of law firms around the world have come to rely upon Tikit eMarketing for all their e-marketing activity enabling firms to deepen and broaden client relationships.

Mark Garnish, Tikit’s development director and lead Tikit eMarketing architect, said: “With v6, email marketing is now totally accessible, meaning anyone in the firm’s marketing team can quickly and easily create and send email messages, enabling more meaningful contact engagement,”

Tikit eMarketing v6 includes a number of significant features and benefits:

  • Mobility - responsive design: Tikit eMarketing v6 has been designed with responsiveness in mind. Message creation is made easier; no need to design different versions since one message works across multiple platforms. All marketing templates will be fully responsive guaranteeing 100 per cent engagement with the target audience.
  • Agile message creation: Intuitive drag & drop functionality in Tikit eMarketing v6 not only makes it easy for teams to create emails, it saves firms time and money since they no longer have the costs, hassle and time penalty of outsourcing email template development.
  • Cost predictability: Tikit’s eMarketing v6 allows firms to send as many or as few emails as their strategy dictates. This means no sending caps, thresholds or volume contracts, giving legal marketers control of budgets and ability to better allocate resources.
  • Branding: Amplify and distinguish the firm’s brand with v6 tools that provide full control over all design and style elements including colors, styles, logos and even the url. Tikit eMarketing v6 stands apart in terms of its ability to fully tailor messages to the firm’s brand without external vendor or agency intervention.
  • Personalization: Tikit eMarketing v6 incorporates drag & drop personalization, preference driven messages and a closed-loop CRM integration communication cycle enabling firms to send relevant messages, to the right person, at the right time and record their response.
  • Central, web based tools: Everything legal marketing teams need to create and manage messages and campaigns is available in a central, web-based location. These tools include permission and role-based access, which not only emphasize security and privacy, but also encourages user adoption and reduces case-by-case IT involvement.
  • Analytics and reporting: A simple-to-use central reporting dashboard tracks campaign KPIs and ROI, giving firms full visibility on e-marketing performance; at-a-glance market insights and ability to drill down with unlimited granularity.
  • Social media integration: Tikit eMarketing v6 offers the ability to share/like content on Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.The results are tracked in the reporting/analytics for the specific message/campaign.

Peter Zver, president, Tikit North America, said: “Tikit clients demand communication agility when it comes to their e-marketing tools. Today’s competitive landscape mandates that firms are able to communicate timely and contextually with their clients.Showing clients you understand their business by providing them with events and news they can leverage delivered by a reliable e-marketing solution is invaluable,”

Tikit’s eMarketing solution is used by more than 150 law firms worldwide and according to the 2014 ILTA Technology Survey, Tikit eMarketing was named the dominant legal-specific marketing solution and only 2nd behind Constant Contact overall.

Tikit eMarketing clients interested in upgrading to v6 should contact their account manager or for more details about Tikit eMarketing v6 visit www.tikitemarketingv6.com

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About Tikit

Tikit is one of the largest suppliers of technology solutions and services to legal and accountancy firms, and is part of BT Group. Tikit’s client list totals more than 1,450 firms globally, including 90 of the UK’s top 100 law firms, 250 US law firms, 12 of the top 20 European law firms and 18 of the UK’s top 50 accountancy firms.

Tikit is a complete technology partner offering a broad portfolio that includes software solutions, IT outsourcing, communication, networks and hosting. Tikit develops their own software and have long-standing relationships with other top best-of-breed providers, and they match this expertise with a reputation for excellent customer service.

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