BT boosts Sussex police success rate with i-Witness


Sussex police force is delivering justice quicker thanks to a BT Redcare CCTV system called i-Witness.

More than 41,000 incidents monitored by CCTV in one year

Sussex police force is delivering justice quicker thanks to a BT Redcare
CCTV system called i-Witness. New research reveals that the Redcare
system monitored more than 41,000 incidents in Sussex during the past
year. The findings also showed that the system contributed to arrests
for more than 500 incidents and that police resources were spared in
more than 370 cases because the live footage showed that an incident had
been resolved and there was no need for the presence of a police

BT Redcare’s i-Witness network, image storage and retrieval technology
gives Sussex Police stations access to CCTV evidence from the 419
cameras installed around the county. The i-Witness technology boasts 450
terrabytes of storage, which is enough to store 100,000 DVDs or 725,850
music CDs.

Julian Butcher, BT Redcare’s delivery manager, said: “BT Redcare has
deployed 50 i-Witness terminals in the offices of Sussex police and
local authorities, which allow CCTV controllers to monitor 30 towns and
villages, including Brighton, Hove, Lewes, Eastbourne, Hastings, Bognor
Regis, Chichester and Crawley, via a fully managed BT network. Good
quality CCTV evidence is persuasive and showing suspects video evidence
early in the process can often encourage early guilty pleas.”

Chief Inspector Stephen Brookman of Sussex Police said: “We’ve increased
the bandwidth of the system to 1,000 Megabytes now, so we can deliver
more data across the network. We’ve also upgraded it so it can receive
images from any camera on the market. BT has been an excellent partner
to us and has provided us with a reliable and consistent service over
the years. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

The system’s success is outlined in a new case study available from the
BT Redcare website.

Quick facts

41,000 total incidents monitored by CCTV for the year 2013 - 2014

500 incidents where CCTV contributed to arrests, helping with identification

370 incidents resolved by CCTV without the need to deploy a police officer.

1,000MB (Megabyte) disk storage

450 terrabytes of storage – enough to store 100,000 DVDs or 725,850 music CDs

2,625 registered police and local authority users

419 CCTV cameras in Sussex

50 iWitness terminals in use around Sussex

30 towns are covered by the Public Space Surveillance CCTV network in Sussex

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