BT innovates to help customers master the art of connecting

Global campaign and new offers to help large organisations create, perform and excel 
BT today launched a global campaign and new offers designed to encourage large organisations to use technology more creatively for stunning business outcomes. Recognising the changing role of CIOs - and in tune with influential industry analyst views - BT Global Services will engage with leading global companies and government organisations all around the world to offer innovations addressing four key customer requirements: delivering a great performance, realising possibilities in the cloud, working in harmony and performing anywhere. 

In order to deliver a great performance, global organisations need to manage a mix of different network technologies - combined with applications performance management and security services. The optimal architecture for handling that complexity is the “intelligent hybrid network”. BT is launching a range of offers focused on its IP Connect service, bringing coherence to hybrid networks and addressing issues such as availability, performance, economics and security. The first offers launched today include application-aware network performance monitoring as standard for larger global network contracts and trials for 100 Mbps internet access as part of IP Connect Global for enterprise customers.* 

To realise possibilities in the cloud, customers require improved performance and availability of multiple cloud-based applications. They connect to different cloud providers and at the same time data in the cloud has to remain secure at all times. 
To help CIOs orchestrate their cloud resources, BT has just launched ExpressRoute with IP Connect, allowing customers to bypass the public internet when connecting to the Microsoft Azure cloud. BT is also launching today a special trial offer for its Cloud Compute customers with connectivity to the BT cloud via its IP Connect Global network.* 

For an organisation to work in harmony, collaboration must happen at any time, on any device. To create such an environment, the CIO needs to rely on a network that can cope with the new wave of communications, providing top-of-the-range collaboration tools. Reinforcing its collaboration portfolio, BT is launching today a number of offers that bring the latest unified communications services to its customers at very competitive conditions”.* 

In order to perform anywhere, organisations deploy great mobility applications on a vast array of devices. The CIO needs to focus on the things that count: It’s not the device that’s important, it’s the data. BT delivers data and applications on the move by connecting to wireless access points, wi-fi hotspots and the mobile network so users enjoy a seamless experience. The latest security technology ensures that both data and devices remain secured at all times, regardless of where or how they are accessed or used. Reinforcing its mobility offering, BT is launching a new solution connecting employees’ devices to the corporate network securely, and delivering the benefits of mobile working with minimal capital outlay and a flexible pricing model. BT is also proposing special offers, including trials and special discounts, for mobile device management and mobile application management. Additional services and offers aimed at helping customers perform anywhere will be launched throughout the campaign.* 

Luis Alvarez, chief executive BT Global Services, said: “Harnessing the possibilities in today’s world takes creativity and innovation. Today’s connected world offers unlimited possibilities to our customers to make creative connections leading to real business outcomes. Exploiting the potential of our portfolio and leveraging our BT Advise team of professional services specialists, we are committed to enable our customers to orchestrate intelligent hybrid networks with a high level of security, while maximising the performance, flexibility and control offered by the cloud. Our offers also cover services that provide great collaboration experiences as well as graceful, seamless mobility. All our efforts this year are designed to help our customers become masters at the art of connecting.” 


1 The CIO becomes someone who – in the words of Gartner – can “ideate, or dream the digital dream, and execute” (Taming the Digital Dragon: The 2014 CIO Agenda, Gartner Executive Programs). 
* Datasheets describing the new offers are available on www.bt.com/art-of-connecting. Availability of new offers varies country by country. Please refer to local press office contact for local details.