BT launches Cisco ThousandEyes managed service to help customers boost digital resilience

Service offers experience monitoring across multinational customers’ end-to-end networks with a choice of management levels

BT today announced a new capability to help multinational customers deliver improved experiences for users of their corporate applications and digital services. Cisco ThousandEyes Cloud and Internet Intelligence platform helps customers’ IT teams monitor end-to-end application performance across the entire digital delivery ecosystem, from users all the way to the cloud. It rapidly identifies faults and performance issues, wherever they are, so they can be fixed before they disrupt services and user experience.

The solution is powered by ThousandEyes globally distributed and local vantage points. These are natively embedded on customers’ Cisco network equipment* and can also run on virtual machines and other types of equipment. BT monitors and controls the solution using Cisco technology integrated into its own leading-edge service management platform to deliver always-on proactive monitoring and service assurance of digital experience.

Customers benefit from BT’s deep Cisco expertise and global availability of service teams offering around-the-clock, 365 days-a-year monitoring support across the network underlay, overlay and application layers as well as customer-dedicated technical consultants. Customers can choose from three services levels, from fully BT-managed and controlled to in-house operation by their own IT team.

Modern applications are more distributed and modular than ever before, powered by a hybrid underlying infrastructure combining public cloud, Internet and private networks. This hybrid approach helps organisations boost agility and reduce costs but introduces complexity and third-party dependencies. When something goes wrong, faults are difficult to find and can result in costly outages, sometimes with regulatory implications.

“Troubleshooting poor user experience is a huge pain for customers. The longer the outage, the bigger the consequences for the business,” said Scott Cowling, network solutions director, BT. “Working with our partner Cisco, we’ve launched a managed service based on ThousandEyes to cut through the complexity of modern connectivity, deliver digital resilience and enable customer success.”

“Major outages create headlines but routine technical outages and thousands upon thousands of other micro-outages happen on a daily basis and can present enterprises with significant brand and operational risks too,” said Craig Vario, global head of channels, Cisco ThousandEyes. “Now more than ever, the Internet dictates the experience of customers and employees alike. That’s why we’re building on our deep partnership with BT. Its ThousandEyes managed service will help enterprises enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud networking while providing users with excellent and resilient digital experiences.”

*Cisco network equipment with ThousandEyes vantage points natively embedded include the Catalyst 9300 and 9400 series Switches, Catalyst 8300 and 8200 series Edge Platforms, and Cisco 4000 series Integrated Service Routers.