BT launches first of its kind 5G-enabled simulation experience in Northern Ireland

Immersive Spaces technology is set to transform the potential of local businesses and public sector organisations   

BT today announced that it has launched Immersive Spaces for business and public sector organisations across Northern Ireland, creating the first 5G-enabled, interactive simulation experience here.

Launched in partnership with Immersive Interactive Ltd, BT Immersive Spaces simulate real-life environments within an internal or external room, or mobile unit.

The innovative technology is being showcased in a roadshow, creating interactive immersive experiences and learning and development opportunities for sectors including education, healthcare, retail, transport, tourism, manufacturing, construction and sport.

The fully immersive rooms are connected to the EE mobile network, using cameras and HD projectors to bring 360° content to life across the space’s walls and floor. Inside the space, users can experience real-life or imagined scenarios in detail, and add interactive elements – virtually transporting themselves into simulated environments, augmented with lights, sounds, and even smells.

From training paramedics in a simulated roadside accident scene, to creating virtual experiences inside operating theatres, buses, warehouses, supermarkets, building sites and arenas, the immersive space can be used by any organisation with a training and development need. In total, it offers more than 3000 computer-generated real-life scenarios for training experiences.

Paul Murnaghan, Regional Director for Business, BT in Northern Ireland, said: “Today marks the next step in an exciting journey by BT to really showcase the benefits of 5G technology in providing these new and exciting learning and development opportunities for businesses and the public sector here.

“BT’s ambition is to ‘Connect for Good,’ and this 5G-enabled Immersive Spaces technology, which is the first of its kind, really does show the power of connectivity for consumers and businesses as we continue to invest in our network in Northern Ireland.”

David Salt, MD at Immersive Interactive Ltd, said: “The potential for immersive technologies is huge. Being able to interact with every surface of an immersive room, as well as enjoy additional sounds, smells and sensory effects, allows people to become truly submerged and virtually transported to new environments, as if they were experiencing the real thing. We are thrilled to be working with BT to bring this technology, with limitless potential, to businesses and consumers who can benefit from learning in a new, interactive way.”

BT’s Immersive Spaces are fully supported by EE’s 4G and 5G network. With 5G, users can live-stream content from a real-life location directly into the BT Immersive Space. Where this isn’t possible, they can download content and store content over 4G or even fixed fibre.

BT provides customers with an end-to-end service – from building and preparing Immersive Spaces, providing 360° video equipment, right through to training and guidance on how to use the spaces, as well as 24/7 customer service support.

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