BT launches online energy saving tool

BT today launched a free interactive online energy saving tool to help customers find ways of reducing their carbon footprint – both at home and at work. 

The simple training module enables people to work through a series of scenarios to highlight various ways they can save energy and potentially money too. 

It is the brainchild of BT’s Better Future programme. People should go towww.bt.com/saveenergy and take a look at how they use energy. 

As people start the programme, they are asked to meet the challenge and spot the opportunities where they can reduce energy waste at work, at home and while on the move. Then an eco bank of savings are accrued and at the end participants can see just how many carbon savings can be made in one year through simple and achievable changes. 

These changes include everything from switching off your monitor at the end of the day and turning off lights when you leave the room, to leaving your car at home one day a week or using public transport occasionally. 

Last year BT announced its Net Good programme. Using new methodology, endorsed by The Carbon Trust, will help BT to achieve its 2020 goal to help customers reduce carbon emissions by at least three times the end to end carbon impact of BT’s business. 

Richard Tarboton, BT’s energy and environment unit director, said: “At a time when we are all looking at ways we can reduce our energy consumption, this handy online tool offers a quick and easy way to show how simple changes can really make a difference. 

“It was used by BT employees last year to raise awareness of the easiest ways to save energy both at home and at work. 

“The tool proved incredibly popular and we are really excited to be able to share it with everyone.” 


About BT’s Better Future programme 
Better Future is BT’s commitment to use the power of communication to improve lives and ways of doing business – without it costing the earth. Better Future embeds responsible and sustainable business practice to build real growth and is rooted in what BT does best – bringing together our networks and technology with the expertise of our people to make a better world. Our Better Future programme focuses on three areas, connecting people digitally (‘Connected Society’), using our skills and technology to help society support good causes (‘Improving Lives’), and ensuring BT makes a net positive contribution to the environment (‘Net Good’). 
Being a responsible and sustainable business leader is one of BT’s six strategic priorities for growth. For further information, visit www.bt.com/betterfuture.