BT moves application performance management to the cloud


BT today announced the launch of “BT Connect Intelligence InfoVista-as-a-Service”, a new application performance management solution delivered from the cloud.

“BT Connect Intelligence InfoVista-as-a-Service” delivers application visibility, control and optimisation from the cloud

BT today announced the launch of “BT Connect Intelligence InfoVista-as-a-Service”, a new application performance management solution delivered from the cloud.

The new solution adds a scalable “as-a-service” flexible pricing model to BT’s applications performance management portfolio, BT Connect Intelligence.It delivers InfoVista’s Ipanema technology via BT’s cloud infrastructure, integrating all the capabilities organisations need to orchestrate the performance of business applications running across their network.

BT Connect Intelligence InfoVista-as-a-Service gives enterprises greater flexibility and cost control as they manage the experience of users accessing business-critical applications across the corporate network, regardless of how they connect and how much bandwidth they use. It also gives enterprises a more predictable view of costs as its user-based pricing is not affected by the growth of network bandwidth.

BT Connect Intelligence InfoVista-as-a-Service is designed to help organisations on their digital transformation journey as they increasingly rely on dynamic network services.It is a simple and proven way for them to deliver the flexibility and cost benefits of a software-defined network (SDN) using their existing network infrastructure.

The new solution is available globally to both BT’s existing network customers and organisations using other network providers.

The software underpinning the solution is delivered from BT’s cloud infrastructure and its management is now possible over the internet. This allows customers to benefit from fast implementation, self-service and availability over any wide area network (WAN) infrastructure. Customers also benefit from Ipanema’s application visibility and control, WAN optimisation and dynamic path selection functions.

Keith Langridge, vice president network services, Global Services, BT, said:“BT is the first in the industry to launch this innovative variant of the proven InfoVista-based application performance management technology. We are providing our customers with even more choice and flexibility as they embark on their digital transformation journeys.”

Louise Maitland, vice president, global channel for BT, InfoVista, said: “Enterprises are rapidly adopting hybrid networks to cope with ever increasing bandwidth demands as they transform into digital businesses. BT’s innovative, user-based pricing allows customers to purchase InfoVista’s Ipanema solution in a true SaaS subscription model independent of bandwidth, giving enterprises the flexibility they need to launch new applications and services when they need it.”


Notes to editors

For more information, read BT’s Connect Intelligence InfoVista datasheet, visit InfoVista’s Ipanema Hybrid WAN solution page, or read InfoVista’s blog post on BT’s site, “Get visibility, optimization and control of your network.”A whitepaper, “Application Aware SD-WAN is a Key Enabler of the Digital Enterprise” by Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst and founder of ZK Research can be found here.

BT’s portfolio strategy: the Cloud of Clouds

The cloud is creating choices that never existed before. Through understanding those choices comes the confidence and the ability to harness change and do things that matter: get to market and innovate faster, keep costs down, and keep customers happy.

BT’s Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy is about allowing customers to connect easily and securely to the applications and data they need, regardless of where they’re hosted and where they are based.

As a cloud service integrator, we help customers move confidently and successfully along their cloud journey whilst minimising the complexity, risk and cost; to give them a choice of roadmaps that work for their organisation, in a way that will deliver the results they need.

We manage the whole process from network to cloud, we deal with third parties, deliver performance and security and simplify pricing, all under a single Service Level Agreement.

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