Credible network claims – and where to find them

We invest billions of pounds in our networks every year to ensure our customers can stay connected to the things that matter to them most. Without a reliable network, keeping in touch with family and loved ones virtually, streaming the latest boxset, or gaming with friends becomes impossible.

Last month, when we announced that we’ve switched EE’s 5G network on in a further 13 locations, I shared my thoughts on why customers must be able to trust the information they’re told about where they can access 5G today.

What’s become increasingly clear is that this trust needs to be extended further, especially when it comes to bold claims being made about a network’s ranking or performance.

More and more frequently, we’re seeing credible operators make less-than-credible claims about network ‘superiority’, which might mislead customers. Take this as an example: a newspaper having the largest readership doesn’t mean it has the best quality journalism, just as the number of SIM connections doesn’t equate to a mobile network being ‘number 1.’ And to claim to be the ‘best network for data’ without any performance metrics to back it up is like calling yourself a world-class sprinter despite never having set any records, let alone competed in the Olympics.

With so many claims being shouted about on TV adverts, billboards, and social media, and so many lacking the appropriate substantiation, the landscape is becoming increasingly noisy, and consumers increasingly confused. Operators must make credible claims to customers, by:

  • Using independent and extensive real-life network testing

  • Ensuring a consistent testing methodology between operators

  • Avoiding pinning claims on biased or subjective data

Without these, operators risk losing customer trust and damaging their brand’s reputation.

Today, RootMetrics published a report looking at 5G performance in the UK. The findings are a testament to the ongoing investment we make in our networks, and we want our customers to know they can trust what they read, and our colleagues to know they can celebrate this achievement.

Along with consistently fast speeds, our 5G network recorded the highest availability in 15 of the 16 cities tested – that means RootMetrics’ testing team connected to 5G more on EE’s network than on any other. To put that into context, one of our competitor’s highest 5G availability was lower than our lowest availability.

But why should consumers trust this information when there are so many ‘best’ claims out there? These results are based on independent, scientific tests, showing how our network really works. Not votes, opinions, surveys, or number of connections.

Scientific, test-based results are accurate, unbiased and can be trusted. We trust in our networks and the claims we make about them, so that our customers can trust in them too.

Marc Allera, CEO of BT’s Consumer division. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @marcallera