Life on Mars, robot housekeepers and jetpacks to school - kids predict the future

New survey findings released today reveal what the future will hold in the next ten to fifty years, according to kids. The future, as children aged 5-11 see it, brings exciting, wacky technological advancements but some serious concerns about the impact of climate change.

The survey, commissioned by BT, reveals that nearly half (44%) of UK children believe most of us will have self-driving cars, robots will do all the chores at home (42%) and we will wear watches that can tell when we’re poorly and what’s wrong with us (37%) in the next decade. While predictions for 2032 seem exciting yet feasible, kids’ imaginations run wild when they consider what’s in store for 2072.

Looking fifty years into the future, more than a third of kids envisage people will be living on other planets (34%), they expect there to be a cure for all diseases and illnesses (29%) and that there won’t be any more rubbish because everything will be recycled (35%). Not to mention, kids of the future will be the envy of kids today, as they are predicted to have robot teachers (32%) and fly to school on jetpacks (30%). 

Almost half (45%) of the kids surveyed are excited about being able to fly to school rather than walk, and the opportunity to go on holiday to space. But 42% are also looking forward to the fun things they will do in the free time technology will give them,  because chores will be done by robots. 

The biggest concerns about the future for 5–11-year-olds are another pandemic (60%), more animals becoming extinct (50%) and climate change (48%). 

The survey has been released by BT following the launch of its BT Group Manifesto in December 2021, which is the company’s agenda for growth by using technology which is responsible, inclusive, and sustainable. BT commissioned A bright future to find out what the children of today predict for the world of tomorrow. In understanding the concern and hopes of the next generation, BT aims to play its part in creating a bright, more sustainable future.

Victoria Johnson, BT’s Digital Impact and Sustainability Director, said: “Although BT has a long-standing history of being a responsible business, we are always looking ahead. We need to create products and services that directly address the challenges faced by the communities and customers we serve, today and in the future. Our Manifesto outlines our ambitious goals for change, so to future-proof our approach, who better to consult than the next generation of changemakers?

“Children have an incredible capacity for creativity, and it’s both fascinating and encouraging to see some of the ways they think we can make the world more responsible, inclusive and sustainable. Whilst I’m sure many of us relish the prospect of robots doing our household chores, I think it’s equally exciting to see how invested the very youngest members of our society are in solving some of the biggest social and environmental issues the world is tackling, as reflected by the findings in A bright future.”

The BT Group Manifesto covers three beliefs:

  1. Responsible: To provide better access to technology that earns trust and transforms lives
  2. Inclusive: To help the future of tech to be more inclusive and diverse
  3. Sustainable: To drive quicker progress towards a circular world with zero emissions

BT has created a short film to accompany A bright future: Looking ahead with the next generation, featuring children’s responses to what they think the future will look like in fifty years. To watch visit: A Bright Future - YouTube

For more information and to download A bright future visit: www.bt.com/a-bright-future

To find out more about the BT Group Manifesto visit: BT Group Manifesto


Notes to Editors


BT commissioned Fly Research to survey 1,000 5 to 11-year-olds (via parents) between 7 and 14 February 2022.

About the BT Group Manifesto:

BT’s purpose is to connect for good, and we recognise that we will only succeed if we create products and services that directly address the challenges faced by the communities and customers we serve. BT has a long-standing history of being a responsible business. As well as providing essential communications services, we have led on climate action for almost three decades and supported people with their digital skills, most recently through BT Skills for Tomorrow.

In December 2021 BT Group launched its new Manifesto, BT’s agenda for growth. It outlines our ambitious goals for change: our net zero carbon and circular economy pathways; our targets to help build our customers digital skills; our ambition to energise a more diverse digital talent movement. It also includes requirements for bold policy changes to enable this journey.

The BT Group Manifesto incorporates BT’s core beliefs and is split into three beliefs – to act more responsibly, create a more inclusive society and be more sustainable. By forming the BT Group Manifesto, BT is creating a movement to inspire businesses to commit to doing better; enabling the nation to take action on responsible technology, climate change and improving their digital skills.

Find out more about our beliefs in our Manifesto.

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