More than three quarters of busy North West people multi-task while watching TV

Only 22 per cent of people in the region settle down to the TV without interruption, reinforcing the rising ‘media meshing’ trend apparent in households today 

A recent study undertaken by BT TV has proved that the North West is a region of people who cannot sit still. Nearly eight in 10 (78 per cent) North West TV viewers are distracted by other forms of entertainment and everyday tasks such as responding to emails, reading and internet shopping, as well as browsing for sports and news updates. 

The research has uncovered a nation of super savvy viewers, whose busy lives eat in to ‘TV time’, enforcing the need for flexible TV scheduling. Half of North West respondents admitted that they don’t have a specific time set aside to watch TV, with 26 per cent saying they record half or more of their favourite TV programmes to watch when it suits them and eight per cent recording the majority (90 per cent) of their favourite shows. 

Challenging some stereotypes around gender related habits in the UK as a whole, more women (29 per cent) than men (20 per cent) admitted to gaming whilst watching TV, with 13 per cent of men claiming to do the ironing while watching the box. Nearly half the nation (47 per cent) check emails while watching their favourite shows, with a quarter (24 per cent) of 18-24 year olds being those most likely to be checking work emails whilst watching TV. 

Proving that the older generations are becoming more comfortable with technology, those aged 65 or over record an average of 30 per cent of their favourite TV shows to watch when suits them, which is only 6 per cent less than the 18–24 age group. 

The need for personalised packages is obvious from further statistics uncovered by the study, which found that 65 per cent of women prefer drama programming, compared to 50 per cent of men, 38 per cent of women prefer soap operas compared to just 18 per cent of men. Typically, more men (33 per cent) prefer sci-fi shows compared to women (22 per cent). 

Mike Blackburn, BT’s North West regional director, said: “While the survey shows that TV is an important part of our busy lives in the North West, it seems that we are a region of people who routinely multi-task while we are watching our favourite programmes. Increasingly, people are expecting a more tailored TV service which gives them the movies and programmes they want at a time to suit them.” 

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Notes to editors 
*Research carried out across a nationally representative panel of 2.053 adults by ICM, October 2013 

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Additional stats: 
Top five most popular TV genres 
1. Drama (58%) 
2. Factual/Documentary (55%) 
3. Comedy (50%) 
4. Sport (31%) 
5. Soaps (28%) 

Top five favourite TV theme tunes 
Only Fools & Horses stands test of time, despite no new episodes being aired for 22 years, it gets twice as many votes as current favourite Downton Abbey 
1. Only Fools and Horses (14%) 
2. Friends (11%) 
3. Downton Abbey (6%) 
4. Strictly Come Dancing (4%) 
5. EastEnders (3%) 

Top five most popular film genres: 
1. Action/thriller (55%) 
2. Drama (50%) 
3. Comedy (50%) 
4. Sci-fi (33%) 
5. Factual/Documentary (28%) 

Mums’ top five favourite film genres: 
1. Action/thriller (50%) 
2. Comedy (44%) 
3. Drama (35%) 
4. Horror (30%) 
5. Rom Com (27%) 

Dads’ top five favourite film genres: 
1. Action/thriller (68%) 
2. Comedy (59%) 
3. Sci fi (48%) 
4. Drama (36%) 
5. Factual/Documentary (29%)