BT to establish an independent procurement company in Dublin

BT Group intends to set up a standalone procurement company. Cyril Pourrat, our Chief Procurement Officer, has written to our largest suppliers to let them know about this proposal:

Subject: Our intention to establish a ProcureCo

Dear supplier,

As you are aware, BT is going through a root and branch process to modernise and simplify the way we do business. We want to create a BT that’s easy to do business with, whether you are buying services from us or selling to us.

Procurement is a core part of this and will play a major role in helping the Group achieve its £2 billion savings target by 2025 through our modernisation and simplification programme.

As part of this modernisation programme, we plan to set up a new procurement company (or a ‘ProcureCo’) which will operate as a standalone entity from the rest of the organisation and radically change our existing procurement capability. In addition, we’ll be simplifying processes and introducing breakthrough AI-powered digital technology so we’ll truly be best in class.

We have today informed our colleagues of this proposed change and I wanted to be in touch with you to ensure you are also aware of these plans.

The ProcureCo will be led by me and based in Dublin, which has established itself as a hub for many ‘Big Tech’ businesses as well as start-ups.

We have a number of steps to work through internally, including a consultation process with our colleagues, and we will be back in touch with a further update as this process evolves.

For now, there is no change to your dealings with BT. We are working through all the details and please be assured that we will communicate with you to let you know of any specific changes – and with plenty of advance notice.

We are very excited about the prospects of this new ProcureCo and we look forward to our future dealings with you and to strengthening the relationship between your business and BT.

If you have any questions at this point, please do get in touch with me directly. I will gladly answer them as best I can, although please do keep in mind that we won’t have all the answers today as we work through the details with our people.



Cyril Pourrat

Chief Procurement Officer, BT Group