SME's optimistic about 2020 growth prospects but face barriers to tech innovation and investment

  • Nearly three in five SMEs confident in business outlook for the next 12 months
  • 60 per cent of SMEs considering 5G investment but lack of digital skills and resources threatening to hold them back
  • Almost 60 per cent face concerns around cost and efficiency of running a business

BT today announced the findings of its largest ever study into small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with fewer than 100 employees across the UK, with SMEs revealing a sense of mixed business confidence leading into the New Year.

According to the survey of 1,000 SMEs, nearly three in five (57 per cent) are confident in the economic outlook for their business over the next 12 months, while around one third (30 per cent) are more confident about their businesses’ growth prospects compared with last year. SMEs that are looking to increase technology spend in the next 12 months are most confident in the economy and expect their business to grow in revenue and profit, compared to the average.

In parallel, however, SMEs also show signs of scepticism, with almost 30 per cent expecting revenue and profit to decrease in the year ahead. 58 per cent of SMEs surveyed pointed to concerns around costs and operational efficiency as being their biggest business challenge, whilst a similar proportion (51 per cent) said that keeping ahead of competitors, being innovative in the market and keeping up to date with technology advances are ongoing challenges.

In terms of technology investment, almost 40 per cent of SMEs expect the speed and reliability of their internet connection to increase in importance this year, and a third of SMEs expect to invest more in technology than in the previous 12 months.

Conversely, 68 per cent are not looking to increase their technology investment, and a high proportion (81 per cent) also do not expect to increase IT/telecoms spend in the coming 12 months. When asked about the barriers to investment, SMEs pointed to increased costs (52 per cent); lack of internal awareness and expertise (38 per cent) and limited time and resources (25 per cent).

And whilst almost 60 per cent of SMEs are likely to consider 5G for their business, 40 per cent of SMEs using a mobile device are not aware of the benefits that 5G will have on business operations. A recent CBI report highlights the UK’s rapidly accelerating digital talent gap as new technologies transform the country. This is reinforced in the survey with almost 30 per cent of SMEs agreeing that acquiring the right digital skills in business and enhancing their online presence is a significant challenge in the next 12 months.

“There is a clear indication that SMEs that are able to harness the potential of technology feel a greater sense of business confidence. But whilst a large proportion of business operators recognise the importance of connectivity and the need to digitise, they are being held back by a lack of awareness around the benefits of this new tech, which is costing the UK an estimated £63bn a year. It’s clear that SMEs need more support to help them embrace the new wave of digital transformation which will be ushered in by 5G and a more mobile centric approach to running businesses”, said Chris Sims, Managing Director, SME, for BT’s Enterprise business.

Almost half of all SMEs surveyed believe BT should play a role in providing digital skills training. BT has recently announced its Skills for Tomorrow initiative - a major new programme designed to empower 10 million people by giving them the skills they need to flourish for the digital future. BT has collaborated with leading digital skills organisations such as Google, to collate the best courses and information, in one easy to navigate place, with these free resources available to anyone. Everyone is included - from school children to older people; from young adults looking for employment; to SMEs looking for growth.

“In this digital era, the fact is that every business, big or small, needs to think and act like a technology business to succeed. Whilst the research suggests some mixed business confidence this year, we believe the key to helping SMEs thrive is empowering them with the right digital tools to help them grow their business and better position them for the future,” said Chris Sims.



Note to editors:

*BT’s SME Research study conducted in November 2019 provides research-based insights into the current SME landscape to best understand key opportunities and challenges that SMEs face in the next 12 months. BT engaged research consultancy Populus to interview over 1,000 small businesses with fewer than 100 employees to obtain several key insights on a range of topics across business confidence, technology innovation and digital skills. This research was conducted via a 20 minute online survey and distributed to SMEs in the UK. SMEs interviewed for the study vary in terms of company size, with 80 per cent of respondents falling in the 1 – 4 employee category. The research also looked a range of industries including Agriculture, Hospitality, Retail, Professional Services, ICT and more.

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