Building a better BT by playing to our strengths


By Chet Patel, MD, Service & Portfolio Businesses, BT

In business, as in so many aspects of life, you often get better results when you keep things simple.

While it seems straightforward, it actually requires a lot of focus and hard work. In today’s world, with the complex and disruptive nature of the digital economy, it’s never been more important for businesses to have a strategy that can meet the challenges, harness the opportunities and deliver the best results.

We are in the midst of a major technological revolution – on a scale not seen since the Victorian era. The race to the cloud, the switch from legacy networks to digital ones, the advancement of AI, are just the tip of the iceberg. We’re all facing the pressure to do more, move faster, work smarter.

BT is no different. Our new strategy is about focus: doubling down on our core platforms and the things that will make us better at what we do, and better for our customers.  We’re creating a smaller, scalable portfolio built around customers’ outcomes – and we’ll partner with others, where it makes sense, to deliver these.

An example of this new strategy in action is our collaboration with Telstra Broadcast Services to improve the strength of our Global Media Network (GMN), and offer customers greater global reach by giving them access to the best unified operations of BT and Telstra’s network infrastructure, including key Asia-Pacific regions such as India, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, and other countries.

Our GMN is among the best in the world, and so is Telstra’s. We know that operating a global network requires substantial investment to provide the services customers need. Now, to help more customers harness the benefits of cloud-first broadcasting all over the world, we have decided to join forces with another major player in the market and combine our strengths, scale and expertise.

Telstra already has a GMN that spans Australia, Europe and the USA, closing some of the gaps we have today. Equally, our network does the same for Telstra. So, working together makes sense and will be better for customers, for Telstra and for BT.

At BT our purpose is to connect for good. Whether it’s doubling down on the networks on which customers build their businesses, or by partnering where others are better, we’re building a BT that plays to its strengths and delivers the best outcomes – for today and tomorrow.