BT to provide marketing support boost for UK STEM toy startup Tech Will Save Us

BT will be providing a package of marketing support to London-based STEM toy start-up Tech Will Save Us to help it reach new audiences this Christmas. The move follows the launch of BT’s Beyond Limits advertising campaign which showcases some of the ways in which BT is using technology to benefit people, communities and companies in the UK.

When BT developed the campaign, they were unaware of the company Tech Will Save Us, run by Bethany Koby. Having agreed to remove the copy ‘Technology Will Save Us’ from adverts, BT have been pleased to learn about the great work Tech Will Save Us does and discovered a shared vision to help young people develop digital skills for the future.

Tech Will Save Us produces award-winning STEM toys for kids aged 4-12. Since launching in 2012, Tech Will Save Us has sold hundreds of thousands of kits in 97 countries. It has over 25 products for ages 4-12 and a digital platform with 1000s of hours of content and coding. Its products have been stocked in 4,000+ stores in 97 countries, from the Science Museum in London to Best Buy and Target in North America. The company has also partnered with the likes of Disney, the Prince’s Trust and BBC. BT’s marketing support will help Tech Will Save Us raise awareness of its expanded range of STEM toys and experiences including its recently-launched Arcade Coder, a tactile, programmable game console.

BT Group’s new digital skills programme Skills for Tomorrow will help 10m people, families and businesses across the UK get the skills they need by 2025. As part of the programme, it will provide digital skills and computing training for a further 3 million children by 2025 in partnership with Computing at School, through the highly successful Barefoot computing programme. The programme has already helped more than 70,000 primary school teachers and 2 million children to learn computational thinking and the computing curriculum.

Tech Will Save Us co-founder Bethany Koby said: “BT’s new Beyond Limits campaign highlights a shared vision with Tech Will Save Us. BT has kindly offered us a package of marketing support which will be invaluable in helping us promote our products and put forward our own vision this Christmas. We are looking forward to creating a positive and on-going relationship with BT.”

Pete Jeavons, Marketing Communications Director at BT said: “Tech Will Save Us is playing an important role in sparking the creative imagination of young people using hands-on technology. This is exactly the kind of initiative that will help boost tech understanding among children and prepare them for a digital future. We are impressed by the company’s passion for inspiring kids to make, play, code and invent – Tech Will Save Us is a real innovator in this sector.”