One more step towards meeting our customers’ evolving needs


By Marc Allera, CEO, BT’s Consumer business 

Today marks another step forward on EE’s journey to becoming the most personal customer-focused technology brand in the UK.

Any of our customers who now subscribe to our new EE Full Works Plan for iPhone will get the Apple One Individual Plan as part of their mobile package – which includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+.

This is another UK exclusive from EE – another experience from us that no other network can offer, providing better connectivity, content, support and control on the UK’s best network.

It’s really clear that our customers’ needs are evolving, and we have to adapt to them every day. Think about how much has changed in the way we keep in touch, watch films and TV, play video games or even listen to music in the past few years alone.

Our customers’ digital lives are becoming more complex, with multiple networks, services, platforms, hardware and billing that can all be made simpler for them.

Our Full Works Plan for EE iPhone customers gives them everything they need in one place. Providing these Apple subscription services in one plan not only keeps things simple, easy to manage and offers great value, it’s a compelling proposition combined with the network experience that only EE can offer.

We announced our new mobile plans earlier this month. They are designed to give customers better connectivity, content, support and control. Among them is our Essentials Plan, which provides great value for money at a time when we know a lot of people are in really challenging situations.

Our focus with EE is to be more relevant and more important to our customers in all that they do with the connectivity we provide every day. And we have the best foundations to do that, with our brilliant stores, contact centres, home installation, products, partnerships and, most importantly, our people.

With these strong foundations set for a bright future, we can keep evolving.

While we will continue to work hard to deliver the best network experience, in the coming months we’ll reveal another partnership, in a new market that will demonstrate how we are a service and a brand that will stand for much more than a mobile and broadband network. And this new market will take us another step forward to being the most personal, customer-focused technology brand in the UK.

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