Transforming smart security on our way to becoming the UK’s most personal, customer-focused tech brand


By Marc Allera, CEO, BT’s Consumer business

This week, we’ve announced two partnerships with EE that will help to grow and transform the UK smart security market. I’m really excited about teaming up with home security experts Verisure and cyber safety experts Norton – both leaders in their respective fields – and what that means for our customers.

EE Smart Home Security powered by Verisure and EE Cyber Security powered by Norton will give us greater momentum on our journey to becoming the most personal, customer-focused technology brand in the UK.

Moving into new categories like smart security will help EE be more relevant and more important to our customers in all that they do with the connectivity we provide every day. With our assets – brand, trust, billing relationships, digital capability and a brilliant customer service team based 100 per cent in the UK – along with these exciting new partnerships, we bring something unique for customers and to our partners too.

Our tie-ins with Verisure and Norton are the latest example of how we’re transforming the EE brand with new products and services beyond the mobile, broadband and TV services that are traditionally expected from us. EE Smart Home Security powered by Verisure, which launches today, combines our best-in-class mobile connectivity with the latest home security tech and outstanding customer service in an accessible and affordable solution. And we know the home isn’t the only place everyone wants to feel safe.

Smarter cyber security

Cyber security is another area where we know we can do more. EE is part of BT Group, which means our customers already benefit from BT’s existing team of more than 3,000 security specialists helping to keep its network and customers safe from cyber-attacks as well as the latest network security to help keep them and their family safe online.

EE has been at the forefront of the fight against scammers since we launched our text anti-spam filter last year. It blocked more than 200 million scam texts in less than 12 months. In addition, our EE firewall technology uses AI to review calls passing through UK Calling Line Identification from other countries. It helps us block up to one million international scam calls each day.

So, what’s next? Coming in November is EE Cyber Security powered by Norton. It will provide powerful protection against viruses and other online threats, plus it notifies customers if their personal information is found on the dark web, or if their accounts on popular social media sites have unusual login activity. Users can also create and store strong passwords more securely to help protect online accounts and keep personal information safer.

EE will also launch a free, annual online check through its EE website, giving customers an easy and fast way to find out if their email addresses have been exposed on the dark web.

In partnership with Norton and Verisure, we can do really great things – just like we are doing in gaming. Only last week, we set out our ambition with EE to become the UK's number 1 network for gamers with a new supercharged gaming offering.

Game on

Customers can now press play on our bespoke Nintendo and PlayStation bundles, choosing the latest, best-in-class gaming products via spreadable payments, interest-free with Add to Plan, and a nationwide roll-out of in-store gaming bays in more than 175 EE retail stores. It is all being overseen by EE’s new internal gaming team, who I know are already looking forward to the launch of more exciting gaming products, services and flexible options designed to provide great value and convenience. And all underpin with 5G and fibre connectivity that make our network unbeatable for gaming.

Thank you to every single one of our people at EE who has worked so hard to make our smart security and gaming offerings happen. And thank you to all of you who continue to work hard to deliver the best network experience for our customers.

We’re not finished there: in the coming months we’ll reveal another partnership that will demonstrate how we are a service and a brand that will stand for much more than a mobile and broadband network. It will move us yet another step closer to being the most personal, customer-focused technology brand in the UK.

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