Weaving a new Digital fabric for BT and our customers

Our world is now a digital fabric.

And every day as humans we weave new patterns into it, creating a new masterpiece every millisecond. It binds us together. It crosses seas and continents. It supports us. It drives us. It opens our eyes to new possibilities. It helps us innovate. It makes us dream. Then it helps make those dreams come true!

Those dreams, those possibilities, are why, today, BT’s new Digital unit is born. The unit that brings together a world-class team - a team of dreamers, disruptors, data junkies and innovators. A team of digital natives. All with one mission in mind. To seize the digital threads that run across BT, and weave a new masterpiece for our customers. To dedicate themselves to build great digital experiences for everyone - our customers, our frontline, our employees. To help our businesses grow. To launch new, innovative products and platforms.

Like all masterpieces it will take creativity, tenacity and focus. We need to obsess about the detail of the weave. Which button goes where? What’s the right fit for the customer? How do we tailor the material to fit the design vision? And how do we design it to delight the customer?

And like all masterpieces, there will be moments along the way where we have to fix broken threads, make adjustments, and work with our customers to refine the vision.

But just imagine, if we all work together, what all can we create. The possibilities are endless.

Harmeen Mehta, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer