We’re improving customer service, going further on fairness and reducing complaints


Blog – by Tania Caporaso, Director of BT Customer Care

As the UK embraces a new normal and lockdown restrictions ease, we are continuing to see demand for connectivity reach levels we’ve never seen before. To meet that demand, we are working hard to provide some of the best service in the industry, keeping the nation connected and prioritising help for our most vulnerable customers.

It’s paying off. According to Ofcom’s latest report on how service levels compare across the telecoms industry, their work is making a big difference. Ofcom’s results show BT, EE and Plusnet have all performed well in their respective categories.

In Mobile, EE customers are most likely of all the big MNOs to be satisfied with service overall. EE also tops the customer satisfaction table for overall service in Broadband (82 per cent), with BT (80 per cent) and Plusnet (81 per cent) right behind them. BT also had the lowest number of customers with a reason to complain.

Ofcom also recently published its complaints data for October to December 2020 – analysing how well operators are delivering for their customers. That period saw another national lockdown, with many of us continuing to work from home.

Despite the increased demand on our networks, we delivered against our commitment to do our best for our customers, reducing complaints to Ofcom across the board. And we’re going to do more for our vulnerable customers. Next month, we’ll launch BT Home Essentials, offering low-cost fibre broadband and call packages to everyone receiving Universal Credit and other means-tested benefits – potentially reaching 4.6 million households.

We want to do all we can to help the UK get back on its feet as lockdown continues to ease. That’s why it’s important that customers know they can come to us if they need extra support. If your circumstances change, please tell us. Working together we can make sure we are providing the right service and connectivity for you, or your friends and family.

We are on a mission to make a positive difference for the UK, and make our Consumer brands – BT, EE and Plusnet – the best in the industry, with the highest satisfaction scores and lowest complaints.

Once again, I want to say a big thank you to my colleagues who have worked so hard to giving our customers the best, most personal, local service. You’re making a huge difference for our customers every single day.